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Our Approach

We Only Have To Do It Right The First Time

Trust in us for all your electrical needs. I take pride in my customer service

Our Story

Our Story

Every company has a beginning and my start began in 1995. I was a recently discharged soldier without any idea of my purpose in life,but fate and my destiny was to be the best electrician I could be and I always carry that with me in every project life throws at me.

Meet The Man

I am Albert Arteaga and I am always excited and I am always looking for a challenge. Whether it be a new build or a remodel. I want to serve your needs on your project whatever it may be


Albert Arteaga

Founder and CEO

We only have to do it right the first time,I love saying that. I remember when I first said it, it was when I worked for my first electrical employer. He said something like "well if we get wrong oh well that's what erasers are for" I said no sir,"we should get it right the first time"

Next Steps...

Please call me for any reason I make myself open and available to answer any questions you may have. I've been told that I don't have a life,but I do. I'm married to All About Electric and customer service is my life