We Are Here To Serve You

We take care of our customers needs as well as answer any questions prior to, during, and after any service we are committed to.

Our Guarantee To You

Our labor is always has always been our pride. We always warranty our labor not just 90 days like the competition does. We go a whole 24 months. We stand behind our labor, no matter what happened I make it right personally! Like our motto says, "We Only Need To Do It Right The First Time"

Helping You Is Our Priority

All About Electric is here for you with 24 hour/7 days a week commitment and if I can't take care of you because I do not specialize in the type of project you need, then I can refer you to someone who can. Whatever happens I will not abandon you, no matter what. In any case we will help you


We Can Help You No Matter How Much You Are Able To Pay

I know not all of us are able to afford extravagant light fixtures or spend a ton of money on a home addition. That's why I walk through a project with you and give you the best options as to what will be economical yet look like you spent a fortune.

We Spend Time To Satisfy Your Needs

We are here for you from beginning to completion, Whether you have your own ideas or would like suggestions we may have. We have done it all and believe me, We pay attention to detail


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